Hi, I’m Tomasz Hałajko from Poland and I’m very passionate about game development and technologies used in that process. Below you can find information about my professional experience in programming and gamedev.

Unity3D C# Developer (04.2022 – 07.2022)

Since 04.2022 I was hired as an Unity Developer in Forestlight Games. Here I was responsible for adding new gameplay mechanics and for adding/implementing assets from the assetstore.

Unity3D C# Developer (08.2021 – 04.2022)

Since 08.2021 I was hired as an Unity Developer in gamedev company called Naptime.games (QubicGames S.A group).

Under their hood we’ve successfully ported “OmNom Run” mobile game to Nintendo Switch. As a developer I was responsible for porting and adding new functionalities exclusive for Switch console like for example two local multiplayer modes (on one screen and in split screen). There were also a lot of bug fixing and some optimalization fixes that came up during development. Also as a patch after release I was responsible for adding online leaderboards using Nintendo ranking system for one of the modes available in the game. During that time I learned a lot about development process, restrictions and requirements for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Next we’ve worked on Xbox port for our original title called “Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover”. Here I was responsible for fixing bugs specific for that console. Also I was working on user and controllers management system during start and gameplay phase.

For our projects we used SourceTree as a git repository software and Jira to manage tasks and bugs.

Junior C# Programmer (07.2019 – 01.2021)

I’ve worked for one and half year for company “Int64” in Jelenia Góra as a junior programmer. I’ve started there as an apprentice and later on I was hired working mostly in C# language with stuff like: MVVM, MVC, NetCore, Blazor, EntityFramework.

At the start I was working on almost completed project in C# and MVVM and there I was fixing some bugs and adding new minor functionalities. Later on I was assigned to create project using NetCore, MVC and EntityFramework and I worked on that for few months. Then I was working on a plugin to established project( C# and WPF ) for 3 months. At the end of my work I was coding a web application using technologies like Blazor and EntityFramework, but it was paused cause of lockdown in Germany (customer was from there). During work I was using TFS / Azure DevOps repository system for check-ins and to comparing version differences.

Then I’ve break apart with them mostly because of covid-19 and I was looking for new opportunities but this time in gamedev industry.

How gamedev started for me?

Since high-school I was passionate about games and process of creating them. That’s when (in 2012) I started my journey and I began learning C++ language.

After some time I was able to create small games / prototypes in that language using additional 2D graphics library (like SDL). Later on I’ve decided to learn C# with popular game engine called Unity3D. I’ve created few prototypes and one of them was created for 5-days Warsztat.gd compo in 2015. After I’ve won that compo I’ve decided to developed that project and finally released it in 2016. That didn’t go so well and I almost dropped creating games at all.

In 2018 I’ve created another prototype (“RocketJump”) and I was able to join “Int64” company as an apprentice for the position of C# programmer (.Net and Web apps). During that period I dropped creating games because my focus was targeted at work. When covid-19 started to be real thing in march 2020 I’ve started working on my most ambitious side project “Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow”.